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Be A Cool Kitty - Purrfect A/C Service

cool cats a/c

It's Easier to Stay In Compliance Than Pay Fines

We Service Everything From Work Trucks to New Luxury Vehicles

We Service Jaguars

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Air Conditioning Service

Acclaimed Auto ServiceĀ - McAllen performs complete air conditioning recharge, diagnostics, and repair.

Our Air Conditioning Recharge Service Includes:

  • Pressure test and check system for leaks
  • Test cooling temperature
  • Visual inspection of drive belts, pulleys and hoses
  • Evacuate freon
  • Recharge air conditioning system

Federal law prohibits the recharge of R12 freon until any/all leaks are repaired.

Texas State Inspection


In Texas, when do you have to have your vehicle inspected for safety and emissions compliance? Once a year.

Today, you get only one sticker for both registration and inspection.

How soon can I get my state inspection in Texas? You can have your vehicle inspected by us up to 90 days before your registration is due.

You can register your vehicle online or with your county assessor with proof that your vehicle passed inspection. This proof is online.

Opera to Ranch, We've Got You Covered


No matter what type of vehicle you have, we have probably serviced it. We keep up with the newest technologies and even remember carburetors! Not many mechanics can say that.

Whatever you drive, bring it on in and we will fix whatever is wrong and get you back on the road in a jiffy.